15 février 2011




After 10 years, always true heroes !

firefighters of September 11 - The 10th anniversary


On 9-11 2001, nineteen terrorists of Al Qaeda diverted four airplanes to create a series of attacks on the United States. First, two of these planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, then one in New-York and finally on the "Pentagone" in Washington.

During the attacks, several thousand people were injured and three thousand are dead. In these dead people, there were more than three hundred firemens, sixty police officers, and nineteen murderers. Some people decided to jump in the void, of a height of eighty floors, the firefighter couldn't save them. For firefighters, it was a very difficult situation, because at any moment, the two towers could collapse, it's difficult to believe that they risked their lives. Although they could be wounded, they were able to save many lives. Moreover, working in the smoke, and the damage is not an easy job! They also off fires. I myself went to the USA, and I saw the fire station nearest to Ground Zero. At the entrance, as in other fire station, it's inscribed the names of firefighters who lost their lives. They are the first who went to the crash. Unfortunately, firemens always in life are sick. Since they breathed gases unhealthy for their health, the have got disease of lungs.Today, for all these reasons, firefighters are called "ground heroes", because they did an incredible job. They were thanked by the head of state, and by the people. In conclusion, for the tenth anniversary, we can still pay tribute to these mens, compared to true superheros, they were brave, courageous, and extraordinary. The 9-11 is a day who stay in our minds.

                                                                                       Rich Miccio









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